Oakbank Primary School

Oakbank Primary School

School Uniform

Oakbank Primary School strongly encourages the wearing of school uniform by all pupils.  This makes our children easily identified and encourages a community spirit.

Pupils can wear grey trousers, tailored shorts, pinafores or skirts.  School sweatshirts or grey knit wear (jersey, cardigan or pullover).  

School polo-shirts, plain white polo-shirts, white or grey shirts with school ties should also be worn.

Casual attire more suited to evening and weekend wear should not be worn to school. Wearing either the school sweatshirt or tie clearly identifies a pupil to Oakbank Primary School.

The following items of school wear can be purchased online through  Sprinterz Bankfoot – www.sprinterz.co.uk


                        Sweatshirt in grey with a school logo       

                       Polo shirt with embroidered school

                       Oakbank School jackets with embroidered school logo

                       Grey zoodies with embroidered school logo                   

                       Black zoodies with embroidered school logo  (for outdoor PE)


Oakbank Primary School Gym bags and Homework bags can be bought from the school office via your Parentpay account.


Oakbank Primary School tie is available from the following stockists:

                          Stevenson’s, 85 Scott Street, Perth


If your child is wearing a shirt instead of a polo-shirt to school, then a school tie should also be worn.

The wearing of jewellery and nail polish is discouraged, and we request parents’ support in keeping earrings and other jewellery for social occasions when children are not in school. Please note that, for reasons of health and safety, jewellery cannot be worn in gym lessons. If small earrings are unable to be removed for gym, they must be covered with tape for safety reasons.

Please label all items clearly with the pupil's name and class.